Rowena Khanna


Rowena Khanna an ICF ACC Accredited Coach and NLP Business Practitioner, an Integrative Psychotherapist Member of UKCP Group Process Facilitation, a World of Learning Awards Finalist and a Selected Coach at the London Business School with over 25 years of experience working with leadership teams and managers in both public and private sector organisations across the UK, the Gulf and worldwide.

Her global experience and qualification as a psychotherapist means that she has extensive knowledge of the human condition from a clinical point of view, as well as understanding the nuances of cultural context, setting her far apart from other trainers in this field.

She has worked globally running inspirational events and specialises in working with diverse audiences and particularly with groups of women.  

Her trainings are fully participative with psychological depth and lots of practical examples and according to clients, are completely life changing.


I attended Rowena's training on Woman in Leadership in Vienna last week and must say that it was amazing for many reasons:
1. It made me realize how important it is to have and show female role models, who have not changed to "better men" but kept their feminin approach so that other women are encouraged to follow
2. Rowena provided a lot of insights and useful, simple models not only from her professional career as a leader but also from her experience in psychotherapy which was adding an important dimension.
3. Eventually it all came together for me in the questions of "Do I know my self well enough to lead myself?" and "Would I want to be lead by me?" which build a great foundation of constant self reflection. After all this is what makes us grow.
Thank you Rowena for this two days which were over far to soon!
Silvia Imre
Head of HR Slovakia & Western Europe - Swiss Re
I truly enjoyed the Women in Leadership event. For me it was exactly the right mix of discussions, self-reflection and observations in little tryouts and a great opportunity to share experiences with other female leaders from different industries. It was inspiring to witness Rowena's capabilities in attuning to the audience, creating a warm and save atmosphere while setting clear boundaries and targets.

A warm recommendation from my side for every female leader interested in strengthening their leadership skills and in digging deeper on gender related aspects.
Alexandra Langmann
Director Packaging Operations - Fresenius Kabi
Rowena is a tenacious and dedicated coach and consultant. She is perceptive and incredibly intelligent. She works hard and always goes above and beyond. Her ability to manage pressure and tight timescales is an asset of hers and without her I wouldn't have been able to deliver upon commitments we made to clients. She is an exceptional part of any team and I value her input and thought leadership greatly. I think above all that however it is how genuine and authentic she is that really overwhelms me.

I would highly recommend her as a coach and consultant in many fields and wished I worked with her all the time.
Julianne Kennedy
Senior Manager at EY
Within my career I’ve come across hundreds off top consultants, Rowena has always positively stood out. She possesses a passion for the development of people which filters to anyone who attendeds a training with her. Rowena has a talent for keeping delegates engaged and always ensures that her courses are fully interactive. On top of all of the above Rowena is a great character to work with, has a key understanding of working among diverse cultures and always makes herself available. I have hired Rowena on more than one occasion and would hire her again.
Daniel Angelo Othman
Account Director CIM | The Chartered Institute of Marketing
I have known and worked with Rowena for nearly 5 years. She is an excellent learning consultant and works hard to understand organisational needs and develop tailored and detailed solutions. She is passionate about development and consistently invests in her own self development. She is creative, dynamic and principled. As a trainer and coach, Rowena demonstrates exemplary facilitation skills and is hugely supportive to delegates. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.
Stuart Lowry
Learning and Development Client Director - Knowledge Pool