World Class Expert As Your Trainer

Rowena Khanna is one of the most recognized experts in the field


Meet other women executives from a multi-industry background


This training incorporates state-of-the-art psychometric testing to help identify your weaknesses and strengths and then build on them


This course is designed with interactive and practical tools that you will implement in your daily life immediately


This event explores the current situation for women in leadership and provides a space for women to speak openly about the challenges they face and identify strategies to overcome them.

The programme will take the group on a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.  It will enable participants to understand and leverage their core strengths to become authentic leaders and role- models who empower others. 

Participants will develop leadership and coaching skills, confidence, self-awareness and understanding of their core competencies and strengths.  The interactive sessions will provide practical tools to increase self-confidence.

OUTCOME Objectives

♦Understand yourself as an empowered leader and identify strategies for overcoming the challenges facing women as leaders in the workplace

♦Explore leadership attributes and their associated behaviours that need to be demonstrated within your work environment

♦Identify your communication preferences and how to communicate effectively in all directions using the appropriate language, tone and levels of assertion

♦Know how to develop self-awareness, charisma and energy from the inside-out in yourself and others and inspire a high-performing culture through being a great role-model and motivator

♦Practice delivering impactful proposals to get results and a clear action plan

♦Develop your emotional intelligence when dealing with challenging behaviours in meetings and across departments

♦Experience the value and power of coaching as a change management intervention for unlocking the potential and creating a culture of learning throughout your organisation

LEARNING OUTCOMES As a consequence of attending this programme you will:

♦Be empowered and know how to empower others around you

♦Understand your leadership style, capacity and attributes so that you can return to the workplace and discuss your future progression within the organisation

♦Refine your ability to communicate in a variety of styles in all directions across the organization

♦Gain the skills to influence and sell ideas in meetings

♦Understand your emotional competencies and how to demonstrate emotional intelligence

♦Know how to deliver structured and professional positive and negative feedback to get results

♦Believe in yourself, your abilities and your potential as a current or future leader

As a part of the 2 day course, you will also complete two state-of-the-art psychometric tests to strengthen your skills in a management or leadership role

1. Social Styles: This is a communication styles questionnaire which we will use to explore relationship dynamics and how to adapt your communication style in various challenging situations with internal and external customers or colleagues.

2. EQ Competencies: These questionnaires will help you look at your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your emotional intelligence.